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10th Annual
Claire’s Ride for A Reason 2015
a bike tour of Ringwood

October 18, 2015


Claire’s Ride for A Reason 2015 is a scenic bike tour
through the surrounding highlands area of Ringwood, N.J.
There is a 50 mile ride and a 25 mile ride.

Where: Upper Lake Pavilion Parking Lot
Upper Lake Avenue, Erskine Lakes-Ringwood, NJ

Check-In & On-site Registration 7:30 AM
50 Mile Ride Starts 8:00 AM
25 mile Ride Starts 9:00 AM
* Pre-Ride bagels & juice breakfast *
* Rest Stops with water and snacks *
* Post-Ride BBQ lunch *

Register in advance to receive a T-shirt.
All riders must complete a waiver and must wear a helmet.

Contact us at: donski1@optonline.net or 201-214-7881

Click Here to Download 2015 Brochure & Application
for Metric Century Ride


Tour of Ringwood

10th Annual
Claire's Ride for a Reason
Bicycle Tour of Ringwood Bicycle
Sunday - October 18, 2015

to benefit the
Upper Lake Mens Club/
Claire E. Tomaszewski Scholarship Fund is awarded to college bound students of Erskine Lakes in recognition of their service to ELPOA.   To date, over $10,000 in scholarships have been awarded.

Upper Erskine Lake Pavilion &
Parking Lot
Time: 7:30 AM Check-In and
On-site Registration
8:00 AM 50 mile Tour Start
9:00 AM 25 mile Tour Start

Registration Fee: $25 per rider and $60 for a family of 3 or more riders
Proceeds Benefit:
- ULSF Claire Tomaszewski Scholarship Fund
& SUDC Foundation

Riders must sign an event waiver and helmets must be worn by all riders
* Bagel & Juice Breakfast *
* Rest Stops with water & snacks
* Post-Ride BBQ Lunch *

2015 Brochure/Application

Contact us at: donski1@optonline.net
or 201-214-7881



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Claire's Ride for a Reason

Raising Awareness and Support for SUDC                             
Claire Elizabeth Tomaszewski was a precious, happy, perfectly healthy little girl at age 2.  She had a mild ear infection and upset stomach with typical kid stuff symptoms on a Wednesday and died in her mommy’s arms on Friday morning, October 24, 2003. Her cause of death remains unexplained and has been categorized as SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood).

SUDC occurs in children beyond the age of twelve months.  The cause of death remains unexplained after a thorough case investigation and autopsy. SUDC is a diagnosis of exclusion, in other words, a diagnosis of SUDC is made when other causes of death are not identified after a thorough evaluation. SUDC is not new, but it is very rare.  Its incidence is approximately 1 death per 100,000 children.  In comparison, the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is 50 times more common.The SUDC Program was created in September 2001 as part of the CJ Foundation for SIDS.  It was developed to provide a centralized resource for information, support, research and advocacy.  It serves families and professionals affected by the tragedy of SUDC, and promotes awareness of SUDC in communities.Don and Maryann Tomaszewski will be sponsoring the 10th Annual Claire’s Ride for a Reason on October 18, 2015 a Tour of Ringwood, a benefit for the SUDC Program held in memory of their daughter. This years event will include cycling tours of Ringwood, NJ.



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